Markdown frontmatter syntax highlighting for Vim and Neovim

The default markdown syntax highlighting configuration for Vim and Neovim does not know how to highlight markdown frontmatter that is commonly used in static site generators.

In this article I will show how you can add a syntax region that tells Vim/Neovim to highlight the frontmatter with a different syntax.

Documenting the BouffaloLab BL602 firmware image format

The BL602 is a new WiFi and Bluetooth 5 capable SoC from Bouffalo Lab based on SiFive's E24 core which is a 32-bit RISC-V processor with the IMAFC extension set.

I've challenged myself to write my own RISC-V OS from scratch in Rust - and one of the first things I require is a tool to convert an elf file to the specific firmware image format that is read by the programming tool.

Since I couldn't find a resource that described the format, I went through the source files and wrote this article in the hopes of making it easier to understand.